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Velvet Glamour - Adding Luxury To Your Home

10 February 2020 13:51

What Is Velvet Fabric?

Velvet fabric dates back to over 4000 years ago.  Due to its lengthy manufacturing process, being traditionally made with silk and that it requires more thread in manufacturing, it used to be considered a luxury fabric that only wealthy families could afford and was often associated with royalty.  Since the industrial revolution and advances in textile manufacturing and readily available materials, velvet has become more accessible and affordable. Nowadays it is also not always made from silk thread, but cotton and synthetics have been used which has reduced the cost of it.

Perfect accent to your room!

Velvet has become the perfect way to inject vibrant colours into your home. Velvet wears really well and has a soft luxurious feel adding warmth and depth to a room, a velvet fabric usually works best as an accent piece, scatter cushions, curtains or an accent chair. The vibrant choices of colours will give your home a luxurious feel and a contemporary look.