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Japandi - The Newest Minimalist Trend

26 May 2022 10:35

The term 'Japandi' has quickly become the new term in the furniture industry - but what exactly does it mean?

As its name suggests 'Japandi' is a hybrid trend that combines the best of Scandinavian (Scandi) design with Japanese styling, and despite the thousands of miles that stand in between them, both styles and designs have a lot in common. 

Japandi is very much the newest take on minimalism, it pairs clean lines, neutral tones and natural textures with simple decor and good craftsmanship. It brings together the best bits from two different sides of the globe and creates one calming fusion called Japandi.

In its basic form, Japandi is very much focused on simplicity and creating a peaceful environment with a minimalist layout.

Key Elements of Japandi

  • Clean Lines
  • Functional minimalistic furntiure
  • Natural materials
  • Good craftsmanship
  • De-cluttered spaces
  • Neutral colours

What does it look like and how can I add it to my home?

Think minimalist - Japandi is not a new concept – people have been creating this look for years without putting a name to it. It has been popular amongst celebrities for years, especially those who kit their homes out with as little as possible and use muted colour pallettes – having looked at some of these stylish and simplistic homes it is clear to see why this style is just so popular.

Japandi furniture in most cases uses natural wood tones, simple shapes and neutral fabrics (Think of muted greys, soft pinks, beiges and off whites).

We have recently introduced a new range of Japandi furniture to our website – The Tule collection is made from naturally finished acacia wood and its neutral colours and minimalist design mean it will work well in a variety of homes. This range has sleek and slender metal hairpin legs that are typically seen in Nordic and Scandi styles and merged these with Japanese reeded fronts to create a beautiful and eye-catching collection – you can see the full Tule range HERE!

Pairing these pieces with other Japandi styled pieces will work well as well as elements from both Scandi and Japanese designs. The key is to keep your colour palette relatively neutral. Accent colours like blues, greens, plums and browns are hugely popular as well as black – the contrasting richness helps to bring out the natural wood tones of the furniture.

If want more information about the Tule Collection send our team an email to or give them a call on 01782 719101.

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