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Aniline Leather - Is it for me?

08 June 2022 16:48

We have a range of products here on our website and available in-store that are made using the finest quality leathers. The leathers used on their products are not created in a factory or made to look perfect, instead, it is celebrated for its imperfections. As it is the by-product of a living breathing animal, each hide has a one-of-a-kind internal cell structure.  

Shade Variations

So why is each piece different?  - Well like every person, every hide has a different look.

As its a natural product, the leather is treated with aniline dye to preserve the natural and rustic beauty of each piece, however different parts of the hide absorb different quantities of aniline dye so tones shades and pigmentation will vary from piece to piece. 

The disparity of where the colour is absorbed is completely distinctive to the hide itself, making it impossible to duplicate. Any sofa or chair that you purchase that is upholstered in aniline leather will be completely unique and dissimilar to any other in existence.

Story Telling

Leather is the tanned skin or hides of any animal and because of this it more often than not bears the scars and imperfections which the animal accumulated during its life, again this makes each piece unique and tells the story of that particular animal's life. 

These imperfections can include bites from insects, parasites or ticks, marks from where the animal got caught on barbed wire or rubbed against a thorn bush etc, or marks from where that particular animal might have gotten into a fight with another animal - all of these things can result in scarring or marks on the hide and therefore on the sofa or chair. 

The animals' natural skin pigmentation and stretch marks can also be seen on the leather. These may appear as darker or lighter patches or lines on the leather and are not defects or faults.

The Aniline Process

Aniline leather use either the whole hide or the top grain of the hide. These are soaked in natural aniline dye (no permanent colour is used) and then soaked in wax and oils to bring out the natural patina of the hide. The leather is not tampered with at all, any imperfections in the hide are left as they give the leather a wonderful natural finish, that is full of character and uniqueness. 

It is important to note that any colour variations, markings, pigmentations or scars do not affect the strength or durability of the leather, they are simply visible on the surface. 

Is aniline leather for me?

Although aniline leather is the best and the most expensive leather, it is not for everyone, because there is no pigment coating used, and the leather is susceptible to staining. If a liquid such as coffee is spilt onto you're aniline leather sofa, the liquid will be absorbed almost immediately and will darken and stain the affected area.

It is also quite fragile compared to other leathers that are more processed or covered with more layers and while it cannot really be damaged with the touch of a hand, things like keys or items with metal edges can cause scratches and abrasions. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also cause damage and fading of the original colour.

If want more information about our aniline leather products send our team an email to or give them a call on 01782 719101.

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