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Sintered Stone - The Next Big Trend

15 July 2022 17:00

Sintered Stone is the next generation of work surfaces and table tops - but what exactly is it and how is it made?

Made entirely from natural, recyclable ingredients, such as sand, clay and quartz, Sintered Stone is created during a process of crushing the raw materials under intense pressure and then baking in a kiln at extreme temperatures of around 1200 degrees. The end result is a lightweight, versatile and durable man-made surface. 

Sintered Stone is formed into slabs of different thicknesses, from 3mm to 30mm, this means it can be used in both domestic and commercial projects such as Kitchen Worktops, Flooring, Wall Panelling, and Garden and Interior Furniture. 

Benefits of Sintered Stone:

Sintered Stone has many incredible benefits which is why it is one of the best materials you can buy for worktops and other projects. It has the benefits of both Granite and Quartz but without its negatives, its main benefits are:

Sintered Stone is very versatile and can be used both internally and externally thanks to its resistance to hot and freezing temperatures and UV rays. Not only is this Ultra Compact stone tough, it is also beautiful. With hundreds of colour choices, from stone to industrial rusts and even look-a-like wood, sintered surfaces presents a multitude of design and application possibilities.

Sintered Stone at Pattens Furniture

We have recently introduced our new PURA® range of sintered stone products. This range mainly includes dining tables and coffee tables, all of which have a sintered stone top and metal legs or frames. There are many different sintered stone top finishes, all of which are beautiful and will add style to your home.

Some of the stand-out pieces in this range are:

  • The Florence 130cm Dining Table is on display in our shop in the Kass Gold swatch - this table is compact, beautiful and delivers both elegance and durability - this table is available in Rebecca Grey or Kass Gold.

  • The Rialto 120cm Round Dining Table is compact in size and is perfect for those homes with a kitchen diner. Its nod to the industrial style makes it visually pleasing. This table is available in a Polished Grey or Italy White seats 4 people.

  • The Lara Coffee Tables are sold as a set of two and are finished with a set of tripod logs, they will elevate any home they are used due to their contemporary design. 


If want more information about any of our Sintered Stone collection then send our team an email at or give them a call at 01782 719101.

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